At school with personality

Moschino Baby Kid Teen dresses every moment with joy and character, giving everyday life a decidedly creative twist

Ready for the bell? The new school year is just around the corner and after stocking up on pencils, notebooks and books, it's time to think about the look too, because to start over with the right energy you need color, personality and practicality! And here is that the Moschino Baby Kid Teen fall / winter 2021 collection brings joy and creativity to the seasonal wardrobe, making girls and boys real protagonists. Impossible to resist!

Wearing joy: at school, but not only ...
There are moments that must be faced with a smile on the lips, a beating heart and that look full of wonder that children are capable of. We add a very personal style to the mix and the first day of school will be truly unforgettable and will mark the beginning of a wonderful adventure in which new friends will meet and new stories will be 'written'. The perfect look? The irresistible style of Moschino Baby Kid Teen suggests it to you. The underlying theme of the new collection is an inevitable touch of irony that gives every occasion the right mood, because from school to play, from sport to party, the important thing is to always feel at ease. If this is combined with attention to every detail and refinement in the design, that's it!

Let's open the wardrobe and indulge ourselves!
The girls' wardrobe is illuminated by magical stars embroidered and glittered in gold and silver, which make tulle skirts, sweatshirts and sweaters sparkle. Dresses with a glam touch are also dedicated to the most elegant occasions, characterized by the timeless white / black combination.
The Moschino Milano logo is also inevitable, this time in a fluo orange and yellow version, but also in the rainbow version, to customize clothes, hoodies, t-shirts and accessories with a strong character. On the other hand, for afternoons out with your mother, you can't miss some Mini-Me looks: to feel special, just choose between a maxi-dress and a black and white striped t-shirt or, for the more romantic ones, sophisticated garments with crystals. pink and gray.

For boys, however, you enter the world of technology and the Moschino logo becomes social. It is made up of characters stolen from the keyboard, embroidered on t-shirts and sweatshirts in classic black and white and allover on a blue base. To complete the look, versatile jumpers and denim perfect for all occasions. Finally, the personality of parkas, jackets, padded vests and sweaters with golden studs to give a decisive twist to the collection. And to give every day an unmistakable style!

Finally, the daily adventures are accompanied by the unmistakable (and very nice) Teddy Bear, an icon of the style of the little ones, but also the perfect playmate of the older brothers. In the Baby collection we find it on softer fabrics, allover embroidered or printed and in eco-fur patch version, to make fun the organic cotton garments proposed in the classic pink or blue variants, but also in new colors with pastel shades.
Instead, it transforms into a real magician, to make the looks of boys and girls magical, in the embroidered version or embellished with crystals and colored stones, perfect for special occasions! And if we talk about special moments, for those anxiously waiting for Christmas the Winter Time theme is unmissable: the Moschino Teddy Bear enters the wardrobe and dresses up, with a hat and knitted gloves over rompers, t-shirts and sweatshirts. Very sweet!

Ready for new, exciting adventures?

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